Learn how: replace data in a chart

While all content created in the Pellucid platform is powered by the Data Hub, you can also apply temporary edits to data or entity labels by using the Generate data files link on the content details page of any item.

Here's an example of how to apply a different data set to a Comps ranking chart. 

Note: Using the Generate data files link will only apply temporary data edits. Persistent data edits can be added in the Data Hub > Definitions section. Here you can override values, add new plottable items, or add new custom companies and all of the information will be saved for future use.
Learn more in the Data Hub User Guide.

  1. In the Pellucid Library, search for "Comps ranking" and choose the Comps ranking chart. 


  2. To change the data, you first need to create an editable data set. To do this, choose a subject company, select entities, and choose metrics. All of these items can act as placeholders and be changed in the following steps. However, you need to choose the same number of items that you are looking to replace. For example, if you want to create a chart that ranks nine different private companies, you need to select nine different entities which can later be modified. 


  3. Apply any appearance or size customizations. 
  4. Click the Generate data files link at the bottom of the Data block. A new window will open containing an editable data table (this may take a few minutes). 


  5. The data table will contain three tabs: The Bench tab contains the values to be plotted; the Entities tab shows the names of the entities; the Metrics tab shows which metrics will be plotted. The order in which this data is displayed may be different to how it was entered on the content details page. 

  • To change the data: click in the Bench tab (for different content items, this may have a different name). You can either copy and paste multiple values or type in single values. For expediency, we recommend organizing your output sheet into the same order as displayed in the data table. This way, you can just copy and paste all your items at once. 
  • To change the entity labels: click in the Entities tab. Locate the name to be changed and type in the new name. You can also change the ticker. 

6. When you have finished, click Make request. The chart will be created using the data or entity labels added to the data editor. 

Having trouble? If you're having any issues adding your own data, you can also custom request content and select the "data" category. Once your request has been placed, email support@pellucid.com with a spreadsheet of the data you would like to use, including your content request number.


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