What does “Generate data files” do?

On the content details page for most charts, you have the option to preview the data and the entity labels that will be applied to the chart once ordered. You can do this by clicking the blue Generate data files link at the bottom of the data section. This will open a data window containing data and entity label CSV files. These CSVs can be downloaded, modified, and uploaded to apply quick edits to the data or labeling for that particular chart.

Any changes made to the data or entity labels using the Generate data files link will not be stored or applied to future content items. You can use the Data Hub to store any data edits for future use.

The Generate data files option is not available for pages, books, and a small number of charts due to the data intensity of the content. To edit data for these items, either apply your changes in the Data Hub, or email support@pellucid.com for further help.

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