How can I see the data in my content before I place an order?

There are two ways to review data before placing an order.

In the Data Hub

In the Data Hub, select the subject company and data category for your content. The loaded data will match that of your data provider (pending any active overrides or definition changes). In the Data Hub, you can download data as a CSV file, override any values, or edit how the metrics are defined.

Learn more about the Data Hub

In the Library

On the content details page for most charts, you can preview the data and entity labels that will be used to fulfill your chart. 

  1. Select the subject company and customize any data or appearance options.

  2. Click the blue Generate data files link at the bottom of the Data section. A data window will open with data and entity label CSVs.

  3. Download, edit, and upload a file to change the data or entity label to be used in the content.

Note: You cannot save any modified data files. If you need to adjust any other data or appearance options, do this before modifying and uploading a new CSV of data.

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