How can I change the data in my content?

Data can be edited in two ways:

1. To save changes for future use
To apply and save changes, use the Data Hub. Here, you can apply an override or change how a metric is calculated by editing its definition. Both changes will be saved until deleted and applied to all future content created in Pellucid.

Learn more about the Data Hub.

2. For a one-time data change
On the content details for most charts, you can edit data by generating the source CSV and modifying the value.

  1. In the Library, select the chart you want to order.
  2. On the chart’s content details page, add your subject company, and make any data and appearance customizations and add any custom request details.
  3. Click the blue Generate data files link at the bottom of the data section. A data window will open containing CSV files of the data and entity labels to be used (this may take a short time to load).
  4. Download and edit the values. Only edit the values contained within the data fields and do not edit the data column or row headers, add any new columns or rows, or re-sort the data as this will change how the data is mapped to the content and will result in an order that cannot be processed.  
  5. Upload the modified file and hit Place order. Your modified CSV of data will be used to generate your content.

Please note that you can only store edited data using the Data Hub. Any changes applied to data through the content details page will be applied to that particular content item only and will not be applied to any other items.

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