How do I update the CSV file for data modification?

Once you have downloaded the data CSV from the content details page you can replace any value with your updated data. However, do not change the column or row headers, add new columns or rows to the CSV, or re-sort the data. Any changes to the shape of the data will not map correctly to the content and result in an order that cannot be processed. If you upload a CSV that cannot be fulfilled, you will be contacted by Pellucid Support. 

On the downloaded CSV of data, you may see more data than would be displayed in your chart. This is because the CSV shows all of the possible values that could be included. On the content details page in the Appearance section, you can control what is actually displayed. For example, your data CSV may include market index data, but if you have not selected to show market index data in the appearance options, this will not be visible in your fulfilled content item.

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