Learn how: add data to a custom company

Adding custom companies allows you to add entities that aren't already included in the Pellucid platform, such as adding private company data. 

As custom companies are not native to the platform, for associated data must also be added. If no data is added for a custom company, all values will default to NA. 

Read this tutorial on how to add a custom company 


How to add data to a custom company from the Library

Custom companies can be displayed as target companies or as a comp for any content item and once created, a custom company is institutionally shared, so if one user has already added a custom company, it will be available for selection for all users of that organization. 

  1. Either add a new custom company or select an existing custom company (indicated by "custom" after the company name) on the details page for a content item. It can either be a subject company or a comp. 


  2. Add any other entities, select metrics, and adjust the appearance options for the chart.  
  3. Click the Generate data files link. A data editor window will open with a grid of numbers (this may take a few moments as the data is fetched and calculated in real time). At the top of the grid, there are tabs for each data category, such as "Bench", "Entities", and "Metrics" (these may change depending on the chart selected). 


  4. To edit the data, click in the "Bench" (or equivalent) tab. For the custom company, all of the values will be NA¹. Either type in the values for the custom company as they pertain to the metrics, or copy and paste multiple values at once from your own spreadsheet. For more extensive edits, you can also download the data as a CSV, make any changes, and upload the modified file.


  5. When ready, click the blue Make Request button on the data editor to request your item.


Note: Any modifications made to the data will apply to that content item only and will not be stored for future use.


How to add data to a custom company from the Data Hub

Any data added to a custom company using the Data Hub will be stored and accessible by other users for your organization. Unlike the rest of the data in the Data Hub, the values for the custom company will require manual updates and will not be automatically updated.  

  1. In the Data Hub, select the custom company from the drop-down company selector at the top of the data table. You can also add a new custom company here by clicking the +Custom Company option in the menu. 


  2. Once selected (or added if new), the data table will reload showing NA values¹. Using the drop-down menu options above the table, select which metrics or time periods to update. 


  3. Switch "Scrub" mode on using the toggle to the right of the data table. All the NA values will fade to grey. You can either type in new values or copy and paste several items at once. When you have finished, switch "Scrub" mode off and the data will be stored in the Data Hub. 



Note: While the custom company is universally shared, numbers added to custom companies tied to the selected Data Template. For instance, if values for Custom Company A are added using the "TMT template" selected, these values will not be available on the "Healthcare template."

¹ Values will be NA unless data has already been added to the custom company for that metric and time period in the Data Hub.

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