How do I update the data file for a chart?

You can apply a one-time data edit to a chart by using the Generate data files link on the content details page. First, you need to create a data CSV containing a placeholder public company. Once this is generated, you override the placeholder company with the private company information.

Clicking this link generates CSVs of data which can be updated with your preferred values or entity labels. 

  1. Select a chart and add the subject company and any comps.  
  2. Customize your appearance options. If the order is a custom request, add the details in the custom request box. 
  3. Scroll to the end of the Data section and click the Generate data files link. A new window will open with data CSVs. Download the CSV files.



    To update an entity
  4. Open the CSV with “Entities” in the title name and update the company name and ticker. Save the file as a new CSV.


    To update data
  5. Open the data CSV. The column headers are the metrics that will be displayed in the chart. Update the relevant values. Save the file as a new CSV.


  6. Return to the Generate data files window in Pellucid. Click the Replace data files blue text link in the Modify section of the window. This will open two upload fields.

  7. On the left is a list of current data CSV data files. Next to each filename is an upload box. Upload the modified CSV next to the relevant current file.


  8. To finish, click Place Order at the bottom of the generate data files window. Your content will be fulfilled using your modified data.

For further help, see the example exercise How to add private company to a chart. 

Please note: Any modifications made to the data will apply to that order only and will not be stored for future use.

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