How do I update the data file or entity name in a chart?

You can apply a one-time data edit to a chart by using the Generate data files link on the content details page. Clicking this link generates an editable data table which can be updated with your preferred values or entity labels. 

Note: Before generating the data files, finish making any changes to the appearance options or providing any custom request details.

To update the data file for a content item

  1. Select a content item and add the subject company and any other entities.  
  2. Customize your appearance options. If it is a custom request, add the details in the custom request box. 
  3. Scroll to the end of the Data section and click the Generate data files link. A data editor window will open with a grid of numbers (this may take a few moments as the data is fetched and calculated in real time).


  4. At the top of the grid, there are tabs for each data category, such as "Bench", "Entities", and "Metrics" (these may change depending on the chart selected). To edit the data, click in the "Bench" (or equivalent) tab, find the value, and type in the value. You can also copy and paste multiple values at once. To change an entity label, update the name in the entity tab. Important to know is that the order of the entities and metrics may be different than how they appear on the content details page, so double check you are overriding the intended information. 


  5. When ready, click the blue Make Request button on the data editor to request your item.

Note: Any modifications made to the data will apply to that content item only and will not be stored for future use.

For more extensive edits, you can also download the data as a CSV, make any changes, and upload the modified file.

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