How to place your first order

It only takes a couple of minutes to place an order in Pellucid. This guide will walk you through the basics of placing your first order. Here's what we'll cover:

Pellucid’s content library is filled with expertly crafted charts, pages, and books, each with a specific analytical focus. Once ordered, content is fulfilled in your branding¹, ready to be dropped into client materials.

Library overview

When you log-in to Pellucid, you will be in the Library. The home page of the Library shows featured content. 


You can select an item from the front page or click the “see all content” button to display all available content. Use the search bar to find particular items, filter by content type using the checkboxes, or sort content via the dropdown menus to the side of the search bar. Learn more here


Library organization

Items in the content library can be broadly categorized as either uncurated or curated items.  

Uncurated items operate like templates and are grouped by analysis class. Each class contains a number of templates. From this, Pellucid has created a default Library of useful and interesting product variants. For example, the benchmarking analysis class comprises of five templates from which over 70 individual content variants have been configured and can be ordered separately. Read an interview with Chief Content Officer, Eric Rattner further discussing the benchmarking chart series.

Some templates share variants. For example, marginal histograms can be added to any chart in the benchmarking series or to any chart in the time series.

Curated items are versions of uncurated charts with the analytical decisions already applied. For instance, the Share price over time with marginal histogram chart is a curated time series chart with the metric (share price) pre-selected. To create this chart for a different metric, you would need to choose the Metric over time chart with marginal histogram and then select the metric.


Also available are pages and books. These are multi-chart content items with a specific analytical focus such as analyst recommendations or leverage. Each page and book is ordered as a single item and is particularly useful for getting informed about a new project or client.

Pages and books have fewer date and appearance options and are not available for custom requests. However, each chart in a page or book can be ordered separately if needed.

How to order content

To place an order, select any chart, page, or book. On the content details for each item are options blocks. You can easily move between each block using the links in the sidebar.


In the data block, you can choose a subject company and add, organize, or group comps. Depending on the content item you may be able to add indexes, change time frames, select metrics, and apply currency decisions.


If you need to change the data, you can use the Generate data files to apply temporary edits or to change the entity labels. Learn how this works


The appearance block contains all of the options for customizing the content's appearance. Available options depend on the content item and its series. Options can include color scheme, entity sort and label options, and any visual variants such as adding donuts or a distribution treatment. 



You can select different chart widths and heights using the drop-down menu in the Size block. Some charts will also have the option to position a commentary box. Adjusting these dimensions before placing an order ensures your finished item will be ready for insertion into client materials with minimal changes.


Content Fulfillment

When ready, hit the blue Order. You’ll receive an email confirmation and a second email once the order is completed and ready for download. To download, visit Orders and click the download icon. The content will be fulfilled to your specifications and in your branding.



¹ Applicable only if your organization's branding has been provided and implemented.



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