How to scrub data

In Definitions > Data Hub, there are two modes: Scrub and Audit. These can be switched using the drop-down menu above the plottable items data table.



Audit mode

Audit mode is the default mode and used for reviewing and understanding data, including seeing any active overrides.


In this mode, you can click on any value in the plottable items data table (overrides are shown with a blue underline) and an override editor window will open. This will show all of the details about the value including its period, current value, and any overrides applied, including the date of the override. Clicking "Details" in the definitional value section will show how the value was calculated.


You can also override a value using the override editor. Just enter the details in the override value box, add any comments and references and hit Save. The data will recalculate, updating any dependent values and your new override will be underlined in blue.


Scrub mode

Scrub mode is a faster way to edit multiple values at once. Once you have selected your data parameters, switch to scrub mode using the dropdown menu above the plottable items data table.


The values will be in gray and any current overrides will show in white. To override a value double click the cell containing the number and type in the new value. You can also copy and paste values into multiple cells at once. Hit enter and the updated details will automatically be saved.


When finished editing in Scrub mode, switch back to Audit mode and the data will recalculate.

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