Learn how: add a custom company

You can enter a custom company either in the Data Hub or in the Library. Regardless of where you enter a custom company, it will be stored in the Data Hub and require manual data updates. Custom companies are shared across your organization and can be edited by any user. 

Adding a custom company from the Data Hub

  1. Click in the company search bar and select + Custom company. A company editor window will open.


  2. Fill in the required fields with the company’s details and hit Save. 


  3. The data table will reload and display NA for all values. Turn on Scrub mode using the toggle at the top right of the data table. You can type in individual values or copy and paste multiple cells at once. When finished, turn off Scrub mode to recalculate the data. 


Once added, custom companies will be stored in the Data Hub and are available for selection on the content details page.

Adding a custom company from the Library

  1. In the Library, to add a custom company, you first need to select a chart, page, or book. 
  2. Click in the subject company search field and click + Custom Company. A company editor window will open.


  3. Fill in each field with the company’s details and hit Save. This company will now be available as an entity. 

To add data to the custom company, you can either:

  1. Go to the Data Hub and enter values in Scrub mode. This will store the data for additional usage. This is the recommended option if you plan to use the custom company’s data again.
  2. Generate a data file for the chart and enter the values in the data table. This is for temporary data edits and any changed values will not be stored. 

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