How to create a filtered data list

In the Data Hub, you can select specific data items to create a data list. Here’s how it works:

1. Log-in to Pellucid and go to the Data Hub > Definitions. Pick the data template you want your list to belong to and choose a data category.

2. By default, all of the plottable items in your selected category will be displayed as indicated by the “All items” state of the filter. To create a list, click on the filter icon and click on the +List button at the bottom of the drop down menu.


3. At the top of the list editor is the template name and the data category. Give your list a name and choose to make the list Personal (only visible to you) or Institutional (visible and editable by all users within your organization’s account).

Name list

4. Add plottable items to the list using check boxes. When finished, click Save.

select plottables

The Data Hub will now only show the items in your list. Click on the list filter menu to switch lists.


To download a data list

With your list selected in Data Hub > Definitions, click the download icon at the top right of the table. This will automatically download all displayed plottable items. Select a subject company from the drop-down menu first to download data for a particular entity. 



To edit a list

Hover over the list name in the list filter menu and click the pencil icon. This will open the list editor. In the editor you can add or remove plottable items or change the name of the list. 

Note: Lists are tied to specific templates and data categories. 



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