What is Pellucid?

Pellucid is a knowledge creation platform that enables investment bankers and strategic advisors to transform data into high-quality, compelling content. 

After experiencing first-hand the painful process of pitchbook production, Pellucid's founding team of former investment bankers designed the platform to streamline content creation, increase banker productivity, and reduce the resource burden of developing client materials. 

The Pellucid platform contains three central areas: Library, Data Hub, and Orders.

  • The Library is a repository of all the content available for order.
  • In the Data Hub, you can define, review, and edit the data used for your content. 
  • In Orders, you can access and download all of your fulfilled content, including historical orders, and view the delivery status of any pending orders.

To learn more about the features of Pellucid and to request a demo visit www.pellucid.com

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