What content is available?

With Pellucid, an essentially infinite number of different visualizations, specifically designed for data-driven pitchbooks and analysis, are at your fingertips.

Each individual content item supports an analytical focus and offers a range of customizable data and appearance options.


In combination, these visual and data options offer endless content possibilities. For instance, the appearance options of a comps benchmarking bar chart can be combined to produce over 2.3 million distinct visual combinations. Considering metric choices, the universe expands to over 4.6 billion distinct charts. Once the choice of available companies is considered (typically 40,000), an essentially infinite source of customizable content can be created from just one chart.


Pages and Books

In addition to individual charts, curated sets of pages composed of one or more charts, and books consisting of multiple pages are also available. Each page or book focuses on a particular analysis topic such as market valuation or leverage, and provides a deeper, more comprehensive view of a company and its comps, offering a fast way for users to get fast client updates or to spark ideas and reasons to initiate a meeting.


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