How do I use data templates?

A Data Template standardizes data mappings and overrides to provides a consistent, repeatable view of data. You can create as many different data templates as you need and each can have different values or differently defined plottable items. Data templates increase the accuracy and consistency of data and, if the template is shared, ensures users are working with the same data set. For example, you could choose to create a Metals and Mining template which may have different information to that of the Telecommunications group. 

Data template can be shared across your organization (institutional) or visible only to you (personal). This determines if any changes you make to data is accessible to anyone else. For example, if you override a value with a personal data template selected, as no-one else can access that data template, no one else will be able to see your override. 

Templates can be switched in Data Hub > Definitions using the drop-down menu above the plottable items table.



Pellucid data templates 

During onboarding, the Data Hub is pre-loaded with non-editable Pellucid master templates. These are shared with everyone and form the blueprint for future data template creation. In the Pellucid master template, you can override values, but you cannot change how a metric is defined or add a new plottable item. These can only be achieved within a template created either by you or by your someone in your organization. 

Create a new data template

To create a new template, click +Template in the drop down menu. Give the template a name and select an existing template to copy. The copied template serves as a starting point for your new template. Set your new template to either institutional (shared and editable by everyone) or personal (only visible to you). Hit Save when finished. 

This template will now be available for selection from the template drop-down menu in the Data Hub. Once selected, you can change how the metrics are defined, add new plottable items and custom companies, and apply any overrides. 

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