How do I change the "NA" or "0" value for a metric item?

When defining a plottable, you can choose if a component should register as a 0 or NA if it does not have a value. For example, if a definition component is dividends, but a subject company does not pay dividends, you can choose to set the non-applicable value as 0 instead of NA so a null result isn’t produced for the plottable.

To do this:

1. Choose a data template and select the definition from Definitions in the Data Hub. As with all data edits, any changes made to the data will only be applied in the selected data template. 

2. Hover toward the right of the table and click the pencil icon. This will open the definition editor. 


3. In the definition editor, 
toggle between 0 and NA in the NA value= column next to the definition. Hit Save when finished. 

definition editor


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