How do I place a custom request?

By combining the different data, appearance, and entity options for each content item you can create an essentially limitless number of different content items. However, in case you need an item which can't be created, there is a custom request process. To place a custom request: 

  1. In the Library, find the content item you would like to customize. If there is no existing content item that could be customized to suit your needs, please email or call +1 720 336 5170 to enquire about adding a new content item to the Library.

  2. Customize the data and appearance options as needed and add your subject company and any comps.

  3. In the text box toward the bottom of the content details page, enter the details of your customization and select the category (“data”, “appearance”, or “other”) from the drop down menu. If you are requesting customization to more than one item, select “other”.

  4. Once the custom request category has been selected, enter the details of the request in the text box below. Please be as specific as possible.

  5. When ready, hit the blue Order button.

  6. You will receive an email from customer service confirming if your custom request has been accepted or if an alternative solution is recommended. You may also be contacted to clarify details.

Custom made items may take longer to fulfill than standard order items and rush requests are not accommodated. 

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