Can I use data that isn’t available in Pellucid?

There are three ways to use data that is not available in the Pellucid platform. 

To change multiple data values or provide a new dataset:

This is achieved by generating a CSV of data and updating the values. There are two ways this can be done: 

1. To make a one-time change in the Library

On the content details page of most charts, you can preview the data and the entity labels that will be displayed in the chart once ordered by clicking the blue Generate data files link at the bottom of the data section. This will open a data window containing data and entity label CSV files. These CSVs can be downloaded, modified, and uploaded to change the data or labels for that particular chart.

Any changes made to the data or entity labels using the Generate data files link will not be stored or applied to future content items. You can use the Data Hub to store any data edits for future use.

Learn more about Generating data files.

2. If the Generate data files option is not available

Due to the complexity of the data, some charts, and all pages and books, do not offer a generate data files link. To use different data for these items, you need to provide a CSV of the data. This is done by placing two orders. The first order generates the CSV of data to be updated. The second order is a custom request with the modified data. 

  • Order the content item with which you want your data populated, selecting the comps, subject company, and other items. 
  • Once this order is fulfilled, download the completed content. The ZIP file will include the CSV of source data.
  • Update the CSV with your own numbers. Be sure to only override the values in the CSV and do not change the structure of the document.
  • In Orders, find the content item and using the More Options menu [...] selected Edit and Reorder. This will take you to the content details page.  
  • In the custom request section, select "Data" as the customization category. In the custom request box, write a comment that a CSV of data will be provided. Include instructions on how to label the data, if applicable, and any other customizations at this point.
  • Place your order. Reply to the order confirmation email with the updated CSV of data.
  • Your content item will be updated with this data and returned back to you. As this is a custom request order it may take a little longer to fulfill.

Please note: This ordering process will need to be repeated for any future orders or reorders that draw on the same updated CSV. For data protection purposes, we do not store updated CSV data once your order is complete.

To store changes to data:

For longer-lasting data changes, you can override values or change definitions in the Data Hub. Any changes made will flow through to the content created. 

Learn more about the Data Hub

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