Learn how: change how a metric is defined

In the Data Hub>Definitions, you can see how each plottable metric is defined, according to the selected data template. For templates you or your organization have created, you can change this definition¹. As with all edits made in the Data Hub, definition changes only apply to the selected data templates. 

For example, for a personal template, you may want change how EBITDA is calculated or the components of Total Debt. To change a definition:

1. In Definitions, select an editable data template and the data category the metric belongs to.  


2. Hover over the definition you would like to edit and click the pencil icon toward the right of the table. This will open the Definition Editor. Here, you can see the name, the format, the location, and the ID for that metric. The default definition is shown in the first line of the definition box.


3. Modify a definition by updating the Name:ID [Location] field using the drop-down menu to search for the metric to be used. Click
+Reference to add a new location field.


4. When ready, hit Save. The screen will reload. Expand the data item to see your new definition. 

Note: Any definition changes will only apply to the selected data template.

¹ You cannot change how a metric is defined in the Pellucid master templates (indicated by "Pellucid" in the name of the template).

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