Pellucid Glossary



  • Book: Curated set of pages that support a specific analytical focus. 


  • Chart: A single visualization available to order in the Library. Supports a specific analytical focus.

  • Content: All customizable items available in the Library. Includes books, pages, and charts.
  • Content detail page: The page for each content item showing the customization options.
  • Custom Made Item: A content item with specific customizations, provided using the custom request box. Custom made items take longer to fulfill and are subject to review and approval by customer service 
  • Custom Request: A custom request is placing an order for a content item with specific customizations. Details of the custom request are entered on the content details page for the item using the custom request box.
  • Customer Service TeamPellucid’s specialized team of experts, available to answer any questions and to help you get your content as fast as possible.


  • Data Hub: Data agnostic and connects to any internal or external data source. In the Data Hub, you can change definitions, override values, and review source data.
  • Data Template: A standardized view of data that binds a set of analytical definitions together. Multiple templates can be made to accommodate different groups and clients.
  • Definition: The calculation for a plottable metric. 
  • Definition Editor: Screen in which changes to definitions are made within the Data Hub. Accessed by clicking the pencil icon next to the definition to be changed.
  • DefinitionsSection of the Data Hub in the Pellucid platform. In Definitions, the formulas for plottable items can be changed, and overrides can be applied to values.


  • EDGAR Online data: Included in the Pellucid Platform, EDGAR Online data offers access to the financial and descriptive company data for over 15,000 companies, including U.S. and non-U.S. SEC filers, and private companies with public debt.


  • Fallthrough: An additional definition applied to a metric in case the first definition would produce a null result.
  • Featured (sort option)A Pellucid-curated sort option in the Library.

  • Fix The Pitch: Pellucid's blog, sharing advice and tips on creating compelling pitchbooks and winning over clients. 
  • FulfillmentThe content creation process. As soon as an order is placed, it is passed along for fulfillment.




  • Institutionalize: Shared across your entire organization.




  • LibraryThe Pellucid platform’s content repository, containing all of the content available for order. When you log in, you will be in this section.




  • OrdersSection in the Pellucid platform where you can retrieve and reorder fulfilled content
  • Override: Updating a value with a new value. Overrides are active in your account only and can be managed and deleted in the Overrides sections.
  • OverridesOverrides is a record of values you have overridden currently active in your account. You can override values in the Definitions section.


  • Page: A page consisting of one or more charts that support a specific analytical focus.
  • Pellucid: A knowledge creation platform.
  • PlottableA metric that can be plotted on a data visualization.



  • Reference: A component of the Definition editor that selects either a data source or a plottable item.
  • ReorderPlacing a new order for an already fulfilled content item. Reorders can be made in the Orders section.


  • ScopeOn the content detail page, the Scope covers the range of data and appearance options available. 
  • SourceThe origination of data in the Data Hub.
  • SourcesSection of the Pellucid platform where you can review the source data gathered from your data provider. Depending on your provider, Sources may be grouped by different data items.
  • Standard order item: A content item in the Library that be delivered without any additional bespoke customizations. The quickest option for receiving content.




  • Visualization: A content item consisting of a single chart or table.




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