08.16.16: New Cross sectional histogram chart series

The cross sectional histogram has been expanded to a chart series, offering an array of customization options including call outs, different summary stats, and vertical or horizontal layouts.

The cross sectional histograms are designed to show a complete distribution of a given metric for a cross-section of companies, such as the constituents of the S&P 500. By leveraging these additional options, you can give greater context and insight with your pitchbook charts.


1. Add benchmark index aggregate call outs

Reference lines can be added to overlay the metric’s value for other key benchmarks, such as the subject company or other index aggregates. Choose from individual comps groups indexes, single comps indexes, or market index.


2. Show summary stats

Summarize the underlying distribution of your chosen metric across the market by adding an aggregate, mean, or median summary stat call out to your histogram.


3. Add over/under proportions

Show the proportions of the distribution that falls above a key reference value using over / under proportion donuts. You can choose either subject company, market index, or comps index to serve as the calculation for the reference value.


In Library > Charts you will find six variations of these charts already started to help you get content quickly. Just choose if you want a vertical or horizontal histogram, whether you want to add call outs, donuts, or summary stats, and choose the chart with those options already pre-selected. Additionally, you can combine these features in any way you choose to get completely customizable content.


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