September, 2016

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Comps bubble chart 

The Comps bubble chart offers a cross-sectional view of a subject company in comparison to its comps across three metrics.


Select which metrics to show in the Data section of the content detail page. You can determine the metric for the x-axis, the y-axis, and the size of the bubble.

There are also five different options for customizing the chart’s appearance:

  1. Choose bubble color. Select either: cycling through colors for different comps groups; cycling through different colors for each entity; each bubble the same color.
  2. Call out subject company’s bubble: Choose to highlight the bubble showing the subject company’s data with a different color.
  3. Add transparency: To better see clustered data, add transparency to the bubbles.
  4. Add Company labels: Choose whether to label bubbles using company names or tickers.
  5. Select bubble size: For the metric represented by the bubble size, choose to scale it to either the bubble’s area or width.¹

¹ Scaling to the area is the most common practice due to how visual information is processed. However, scaling to width can be helpful in the event of only small deviations in the metric.

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