How to place your first order

Pellucid is a knowledge creation platform that enables investment bankers and strategic advisors to create high-quality, data-driven content in a fraction of the time. 

How to order a chart:

1. Login to Pellucid (if you are a registered user and haven't received an email containing your account information or are having trouble logging in contact

2. When logged in, you will be in the Library. You can filter content by chart, page, or book using the checkboxes underneath the search bar, use keyword search to find an item using, or sort content by Featured, Top, Trending, or Recent using the menu to the right of the search bar. Select a content item.


3. On the content details page, customize the chart choosing from the available options. Options will vary per content and can include the subject company, comps, end dates, duration, metrics, aggregates, call outs and more. 


4. When finished hit the blue Order buttonYou will receive a confirmation email. 


5. When your content is ready, you will receive a second email containing a link to
Pellucid > Orders. In Orders, you can see your complete order history and the status of each item. Download fulfilled content by clicking the download icon.


Learn more about how to place your first order, navigate the library, and find the content you need by visiting The Library section of the Knowledge Center.


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