Get to know the Data Hub

In the Data Hub, you can change any definition, review the origination of its source, and override any value. The Data Hub offers complete transparency and control over your numbers so you can apply your own customizations and preferences. You can use EDGAR Online data, or connect to your provider or internal source. There are three sections of the Data Hub:


Shows the raw data as collected from your provider or from EDGAR Online. Depending on your source(s), there may be different groupings of data items.



Definitions are the plottable, editable items used to create your content. Depending on your data source(s), there may be a few different data categories available. Switch category using the drop down menu above the plottable items data table.


After overriding a number in Data Hub Definitions, you can manage and review active overrides in Overrides.

Changes made to data in the Data Hub, if applicable, will be applied to your fulfilled content. Learn more about the Data Hub in the Knowledge Center. 

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