How do I custom request content?

Any content you put in front of a client has to have their needs and questions front and center. Sometimes this requires bespoke customizations and tailoring, something you can easily do using Pellucid.

How custom requests work

You can request additional customizations to any chart using the custom request box on the content details page. First select the custom request category (data, appearance, or other), then enter details of the customization in the text box below. The more specific you can be, the better. For example, if you need an element of the chart in a different color, please be explicit about what exactly needs to change and provide the RGB code for the color.  


What happens next?

Once your custom request is received, it’s reviewed by Pellucid's customer support team and you may be contacted if any further clarification is needed. If approved, your request will be available to download as usual. As the item is customized, fulfillment may take a little longer. To be sensitive to your deadlines, only custom requests that can be fulfilled within a 24-hour period will be accepted.

Placing a custom request does not guarantee fulfillment. Pellucid's goal is to help you receive the content you need quickly at an exceptional quality. Therefore in some instances, you may be directed to an alternative solution. If a custom request is rejected you will always be informed as quickly as possible and provided with a suitable alternative.

Custom requests also inform what should be added to the platform what new content to create. If you have any specific ideas, please email or use the Suggest content feature available within the Library

Note: Pages and books are not eligible for custom request. However, you can find the individual charts used to create the item in the related content section. Each of these can be requested as a custom item.

Having trouble? We’re here to help. Request a call back at (720) 336-5170 or email to talk to one of our content and data specialists. We’ll help you create the content you need with the data you want.


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