How to order an Analyst recommendations over time chart

The Analyst recommendations over time chart compares the target price to share price for any subject company. Broken into two sections, the top chart overlays actual performance over a bar chart of analyst estimates and the below bar chart indicates if the performance was positive or negative.



How to order:

  1. In the Library, type “analyst recommendations” into the search bar at the top of the page.

  2. Select the Analyst recommendations over time chart. On the content details page, the customization options are shown on the Scope tab. These are split into data options and appearance options.

Data options:

  • Subject company: Use the search bar to select the subject company

  • End Date: Choose from either “Use latest available data” or “Custom end date”. If you choose the latter, a new bar will appear below the drop down menu. Click the calendar icon in this bar to select an end date. Click the month’s name to navigate between years.

  • Duration: Select how many years you want the chart to show or select “custom start date” and choose a date from the calendar.

Appearance options:

  • For this chart, all of the appearance options that are visible in the chart's thumbnail are already preselected. Turn off any of the options by unchecking the box.

  • Select your chart size.

Custom request:

  • Specific customizations can be requested for any chart. Just select the category (data, appearance, or other) and enter details of the custom request in the text box. Learn more about custom requests.

When you have finished customizing the page, hit the blue Order button. You will receive an email confirming your order and a second email once your order is fulfilled. You can download it as a PowerPoint file by either clicking the link in the email, which will take you to Pellucid, or by visiting Pellucid > Orders. You can also download the source data as a CSV file.

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