Learn how: Ordering a market return page

In the Pellucid Library, a page contains more than one chart. The Market return page allows you to quickly create a single page of content that shows either total shareholder return or share price return. The line chart at the top of the chart is the given metric over time while the bar chart underneath compares the subject company to its comps.



How to order:

  1. In the Library, filter the content available by selecting the "page" checkbox underneath the search bar. Type “market return” into the search bar.

  2. Select the Market Return page. On the content details page, the customization options are shown on the Scope tab.

Data options:

  • Subject company: Use the search bar to find a subject company. 

  • Comps: Click +Group. You can choose your comps using the company search bar, order them using the up and down arrows, and use the title bar to name the comps group. You can add as many comps and comps groups as needed.

  • Market index: Select a market index from the drop down option.

  • Metric: Choose to show either total shareholder return or market return for one, two, or three years.

  • End data: Choose from either “Use latest available data” or “Custom end date”. If you choose the latter, a new bar will appear below. Click the calendar icon to select an end date. Click the month’s name to navigate quickly between years.

To ensure fast fulfillment, custom requests are not available for Pages. If you require something specific that cannot be achieved with the available options, it’s recommended to order the charts separately.  

When you have finished customizing the page, hit the blue Order button. You will receive an email confirming your order and a second email once your order is fulfilled. You can download it as a PowerPoint file by either clicking the link in the email, which will take you to the platform, or by visiting Pellucid > Orders. You can also download the source data as a CSV file.

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