How do I see source data?

In the Data Hub, Sources provides complete transparency into the raw data gathered from your data provider for a given subject company. It also shows the request code, if available.

Note: The data in Sources reflects the end-of-day information for the previous business day.

The below example shows how to use the Sources section to review data for Microsoft.


In Pellucid > Data Hub, select Sources from the navigation at the top right of the page. Above the plottable items data table you can use the drop-down menus and search bars to select your data parameters:

  1. Data source: switch between connected data sources (such as your market data vendor and an internal data connection). 
  2. Data category: choose the data category, for example, fundamentals or ratios. 
  3. Company: any publicly traded company or already added custom company. 
  4. End date: last day of reported data.
  5. Period type: data calendarization.
  6. Scale: choose to display value as raw numbers, thousands, millions or billions. 

Search for "Microsoft" in the company search bar. The numbers in the table will reload. Here you can review the values for Microsoft in the plottable items data table.

You cannot override values or change definitions in the sources section of the Data Hub. This can only be achieved in Definitions.

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