Learn how: override a value

In the Data Hub, you can override any value and apply it to a specific data template. 

Example: Overriding Microsoft's EBITDA value


  1. In Pellucid > Data Hub, select Definitions from the navigation at the top right of the page (Definitions is the default view each time you visit the Data Hub).
  2. At the top of the plottable items table, you can select a data template. The options will vary, depending on your account. A data table standardizes methodologies by product, industry, or group, and any overrides will only apply to the selected data template.
  3. In the category drop-down menu, select Financial statement items. Data categories will vary depending on your data provider.
  4. Underneath the data template and data category options, search for "Microsoft" in the subject company search field.

Once the numbers have loaded, search for EBITDA using the metric search bar. There are two ways to override a value:

Scrub mode 
  1. Turn "Scrub" mode on using the toggle at the top right of the data table. Type a new value into the cell (for multiple overrides, you can also copy and paste values). 
  2. Hit enter to save the new value. The data will recalculate once you switch Scrub mode off using the same toggle. 


Non-scrub mode 
  1. Hover over the EBITDA value cell and click the pencil icon to open the value editor.


  2. The value editor will show the data template, company, metric item, and period. The Definition value box shows the current value and if it has been modified. Click Details to see the value’s definition (a string of components that generate the value). Enter the new value in the Override box, using the +/- toggle is on + to apply it as a positive number. When finished, hit Save


Overrides will only apply to the data template you have selected. For instance, if you made the above change in the TMT template, Microsoft's EBITDA value would not be changed in a different template. All users of the selected template will see the override and any added notes. 

Learn how to manage your overrides. 

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