How do I organize and save a comps set?

In the Pellucid platform, you can organize and group your comps. Each time you select a content item, your last used comps will be preselected to request content faster, but you can also save and name comps lists for future use. 

To organize a comps list


  1. Change the order of the list by using the up and down arrows next to each company name
  2. Delete a company by clicking the X next to its name
  3. Give a title to a comps group by entering details in the title bar, e.g. "Large tech"
  4. Add additional comps groups by clicking +Group at the bottom of the comps list

To save a comps list

You can create and save comps list for future use. 

  1. Once you have selected your subject company and ordered your comps, scroll to the top of the Data block on the content details page. In the Comps list field, click the Save button next to the drop-down menu.


  2. Click Save as new list and a comps list editor will open. Enter a list name and hit Save. This list will now appear as an option in the Comps list menu.


To edit a saved comps list

  1. On the content details page for a chart, page, or book, select the comps list to change from the drop-down menu in the Comps list field. The subject company and comps will update accordingly.
  2. Update the entities and click the comps list Save button. You can either choose to Save as a new list to create a new list with your modifications or choose Save changes to apply your edits to the current list.



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