November, 2016

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Faster content ordering and changes to Orders

You can now order with a single click. Just select a content item, customize the data and appearance options and click the blue Order button. Your order will be confirmed via email and available to download from Orders as usual.

The Orders section has also been updated for faster reordering and easier editing of fulfilled content.

In Orders, select any item to preview its details. To reorder content select the More options menu    and click Reorder with latest data. This will automatically order the content again with all of the same data and appearance options.  


Edit any fulfilled content by selecting 
Edit and reorder from the more options menu for any fulfilled content item. On the content details page, update the content customizations and click the blue Order button to reorder. This will place a new order, which can be downloaded as usual. 

For orders placed before November 8, 2016 that contain multiple items, each content item will be shown as a separate order. For instance, if order AYXXJ4 contains two items, in Orders it will be split into AYXXJ4-01 and AYXXJ4-02.    

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