Learn how: ordering a share price volume chart

Share price volume charts are essential pitchbook items and can be ordered in minutes using Pellucid. This tutorial will walk you through how to order this item. 

About the Share price volume chart

The Share price volume chart is a curated item, meaning that a set of data and content decisions are already applied to the content item, all you need to do it enter your entities and order. It is one of several curated share price charts available in Pellucid. 

Here's how you can quickly order it in Pellucid: 

1. Log in to Pellucid. In the Library search for "price volume" using the search bar.

2. Select the Share price and volume (underlay) over time chart. 


3. In the Data section of the content details page, enter the subject company. You can edit the default data selection by choosing a custom end date for the data and changing the duration of the data. 


4. In the Size section, you can adjust the dimensions of the fulfilled content. 


5. Hit the blue Order button. You will receive an email confirming your order and a second email once it is fulfilled. 

6. Download a ZIP file containing your completed content item and a CSV of the source data from Orders

For the same chart with a different metric, check out the Metric over time chart series.  

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